About Me


Amy Druker is a Social Worker, advocate and artist who grew up on Cape Breton Island, but now calls Toronto her home.  Amy’s favourite thing about Toronto is not the current mayor.  Amy once carved every letter of the alphabet into many small potatoes to make a book for a friend.  Amy actually had to carve many of the letters twice, because “potatoes get soft when they are cut-up and painted on”.  Amy remembers this project fondly, waking up with pieces of potato in her bed.

When not doing outreach with women who are pregnant/parenting who use drugs and want to make a change in the way that they use (whether it be safer use, reduce or abstaining), Amy enjoys print making  in a high school basement, and more recently at Open Studio.   Amy’s last name means printer in German.  Amy believes in a harm reduction philosophy, which means that she collaborates with women on the drug use goals that they set out for themselves.  Amy enjoys her full-time work, but it can be taxing – mostly it is the intersection with oppressive systems (and individuals who work within these systems) that can be judgmental and punitive towards women (and men, of course, but Amy only works with women) who use illicit drugs and who therefore transgress socially constructed gender roles.  Amy is not trying to say that drug use is necessarily beneficial, but she believes that the War On Drugs causes more harm to individuals, families and society than does drug use itself.

In her work, Amy sees art as a way to create openings for stories, and as a catalyst for personal and social change.  Amy digs print making (get it?) and for her, the print studio is the antidote for stress.